Mikrodust's main business areas are development of products and production test systems. Regarding products we specialize in low power wireless products, e.g. battery operated wireless sensors. When it comes to production test we are good at testing low power wireless products in a cost effective way.

Over the years we have developed a number of products that support these business areas. We sell the products separately to you in case you want to develop your own solutions. We can also act as a partner in your development projects. Contact us if you want to know how you can benefit from us and our products.

Radio modules

We are skilled in wireless product development since we have developed our own radio modules. Since the start we have worked with radio technologies such as Sub-1 GHz, proprietary protocols, Z-Wave® och DECT ULE. Early we felt the need to streamline wireless product development and hence developed radio modules. Read more >>

Control and I/O boards

We are skilled in building test fixtures since they are based on our own control and I/O boards, a part of our test platform. We use the boards to connect, control and measure different aspects of the device under test. Key features are power supply, current measurement, flash programming, embedded spectrum analyzer and signal generator. Read more >>

RF sniffer

We are skilled in integrating wireless products into systems since we developed our own RF sniffer that can be customized to different protocols. The sniffer is based on our own radio module MD-G20C112, which enables development of apps supporting new protocols through the module SDK. Read more >>