RF sniffer

When integrating new products / protocol stacks in wireless systems it is essential to see what happens in the air, that is, if the products fulfill the protocol specification. An RF sniffer is invaluable since it reveals this kind of information. Mikrodust has developed a Sub-1 GHz RF sniffer optimized for the frequency bands 868/915 MHz.

The RF sniffer, that is connected to a computer through USB, captures radio packets in the air. The packets are decoded and time stamped before forwarding them to the computer through a standard serial port. Various standard programs can be used to show the packets, alternatively a customized program for the protocol in question.

Mikrodust's RF sniffer really is a sniffer plattform that easily can be customized for different protocols. The sniffer is based on our own radio module MD-G20C112, which enables development of apps supporting new protocols through the module SDK. We have developed support for Verisure's alarm system protcol and a Panasonic smoke detector protocol. The picture below shows the sniffer with and without encapsulaion.


  • Can easily be customized for different protocols through the module SDK.
  • Optimized for the frequency bands 868/915 MHz.
  • Captures radio packets in real-time and forwards them to a serial port on the computer.
  • Attaches meta data such as time stamp, RSSI and frequency offset to the packets.
  • Etc.